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Outreach 2009

Thursday June 4 midday at Federation House we met to exchange information, ideas and strategies. As agreed by the Outreach Steering Committee teleconferences the program was participatory in nature.

12:00 12:40pm Lunch

12:40 12:50 Acknowledgement to Country - Lesley Yasso

12:50 1:00 Welcome and Introduction Lindy Cassidy

1:00 1:30 Setting the agenda Derek Waddell

Suggestions thus far:

  • Institute by institute update
  • Outreach role in social inclusion
  • Outreach programs beyond 2009
  • Program Research - parallel implementation
  • Equity Campaign Course Agenda
  • Funding eg Core, Innovations, PPP, Corrections (PEET)
  • Q and A Suggestions open to negotiation

Re the readings, suggest you read Foundations for the Future (Skills Australia) from Section 5. you may find the Investing Wisely Report of interest as well. An update of Michaela Kronemann Trends in VET Funding makes some sense of where we are at with VET funding in an historical context.

Re the Parrallel Implementation Research please bring on Thursday a soft and hard copy x25 of any research findings.